Security Statement


The Deal Platform consists of web and mobile applications that delivers content to our customer’s web and mobile applications. Our data is stored in secure environments, completely managed by first-class cloud vendors like Amazon and Google.


The Deal Platform is designed for redundancy and the expectation that failures will happen. Our web application is hosted separately from our APIs, which are also separate from our databases.


Application backups are performed continuously. All backup data is encrypted. Please see our Terms of Service for more information about retained backups.

Deal employees are responsible for the security of all data that may come to them, regardless of format. Deal maintains ongoing training programs to inform all employees of these requirements. Within Deal, only authorized employees have access to customer data. When accessing customer data, each employee must authenticate with their individual authentication credentials. Customers are responsible for securing their login information and end-user privacy. The Deal team monitors system health and integrity. Information about system uptime is publicly available by emailing While Deal has not undergone a 3rd-party security audit, we hold ourselves to security controls from the SOC-2 framework and have chosen our cloud hosting providers that are SOC-compliant.


Deal is committed to protecting your personal information. For more details, please see our Privacy Statement.

Reporting Issues

At Deal we take any reports of vulnerabilities seriously. If you encounter a security issue with any of our software or services, please report it to We have an internal SLA for responding to such issues, and are committed to responding and fixing any issues promptly.

Please note that it is against our Terms of Service to run automated security scanning tools against our system without prior approval. If you are interested in providing such a service, please contact us at
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